Apr 13, 2011

SAMPLE BOX WARS- Eco-Emi, Birchbox, Beautyfix (May 2011)

Hey Freaky People! I’ve got three sample boxes to review this month, so the video is long, but I’m so excited to tell you about the two new boxes that I’ve subscribed to so I hope you’ll take the time to watch! I’ll come back in another video and explain my absence for the last few weeks. I also have another great item picked out, so I’ll be starting the new pick your prize giveaway in the next few days! I’ll have links below for the boxes and any coupon codes in case you want to buy any of the products in this video. I love you guys and I’m glad I’m back! Eco-Emi – $15/month includes shipping www.ecoemi.com Birchbox- $10 includes shipping www.birchbox.com Beautyfix- $49.99 (1 new box every season) includes shipping www.beautyfix.com Eco-Emi coupon codes- Planet Botanicals- http Code- PBECO for 25% off your order Expires 6/30/2011 Blissoma- www.iriestar.com Code- ECOEMITRYIT to receive 15% off one item. no expiration date listed Bubble and Bee Organics- http Code- ECOEMI for 15% off your online order. no expiration date listed Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques- www.laurenbrookecosmetiques.com Code- Ecomay for 15% off your purchase. Expires 6/15/2011 Night Owl Paper Goods- www.nightowlpapergoods.com Code EcoEmi2011 for 20% off your entire order (excludes custom orders) Expires 12/31/11 Birchbox coupon codes- Tiny Prints- www.tinyprints.com Code-BBX3KG51N9 for one free greeting card AND Code- BIRCH50 for 50% off additional greeting card purchases Expires- 7/31/11 My Facebook Page


  • That is awesome! There is a deal going on right no at dermastorecom and if you spend $100 you get a free gift worth $130 from beautyfix :) Thanks so much for the info hun! Have a great holiday!

  • Also, I have a box from Infulenster coming this week. They contacted me soon after this video came out and asked me to sign up for their program and get the beauty badge so I could get June’s beauty box. They also have all kinds of other catagories, and you can sign up for up to 5. It’s free to sign up and the boxes are also free!

  • Talk to the owner of birchbox. Maybe they can help?

  • @amhamm1485 I did check them out, but I hate that you have to pay $9 for shipping! All the other boxes are shipping included which is why I chose Beautyfix instead of Test Tube. With the shipping costs it was only an $11 difference between the two, plus I get to choose my own products which I love. But if I can convince my hubby of it, I’m going to sign up for every box I can, including the Test Tube!

  • Wow.. Ecoemi gives you A LOT more than Birchbox.. Hmmmm.. I want to try Eco emi.

  • @agirlneedsagun Thanks! Since I got in on the Beautyfix special my choice options were extremely limited in what I could pick out. There was only 2 makeup items, and I’d never heard of them and they had not so great reviews. So it was either hair products or skin care, and I got more bang for my buck getting expensive full size skin care items rather than ;a few bottles of $20 hair care products. Since my next box is a $50 one, I’ll get a lot more to choose from an will get some makeup.

  • @Superfreaky1RU Also – JEALOUS. I saw the organic deodorant in I think someones May box… I really want to try it! I’m very excited. It seems like they give at least 10 pretty good sized samples – better for the price then birchbox and it just suits my interests more than beautyfix… do you know of any other websites like that? I looked at the beauty test tube one and wasn’t thrilled with that.. but I want more stuff like birchbox/eco emi.. though everyone isn’t thrilled with birchbox lately

  • @Superfreaky1RU I agree….everything is Pomegranite :-) I should have put that I think I received a bad soap….lol! It had an awful musty smell and the box was discolored. When I opened my Birchbox the musty smell hit me in the face and it just ruined my excitement…..oh well!!! Wishing you a wonderful Memorial day, be safe! I have a rare 3 day weekend….Woot Woot!!! Glad you are back :-)

  • @Superfreaky1RU Well I mean it’s one really big page… something like 60 choices… lol. but most of it is all similar skin care items… the only makeup item choice i had was a lip gloss and really i only wear chapstick! I know it’s a great deal cause I looked up some of the prices, but being a poor college student – I can’t justify paying $50 for 2-3 samples I want to try and 5 that I’m like “ehh”.. I’d probably end up loving them all but I dunno!

  • Great reviews. But I did find it odd that you were upset birchbox sent you all anti aging stuff, and then you chose all anti aging stuff from beauty fix ;) think I might try Eco emi :) seems like the most fun for the price. thanks!

  • @4LuvMissCrystal Go for it! You do seem to get a lot more with Eco Emi, and I’m enjoying ALL the products, not just some of them which is a problem I have with Birchbox. It is an extra $5/month than Birchbox, so it’s $15, but it’s worth every penny!

  • @Superfreaky1RU It makes sense I was just busting your chops lol. I looked at beautyfix and I’m just not sold on it yet. They only gave me one page of items to choose from and there were only 2 or 3 that I’m really interested in trying… the other 5 were kind of like “meh, i need to pick 5 more things…” so I dunno. I did sign up for eco emi though I’m excited! Gotta wait til july though :(

  • @scarletfire28 You’re welcome! I saw today that Dermstore is giving away a free full sized mystery gift with every purchase this week! How intriguing!

  • @loveandlive12 Eco Emi is absolutely fantastic! I’m still using every single product I got in my box, something which I never do with Birchbox!

  • @Superfreaky1RU I definitely think I am going to try Eco Emi. And I am going to give Birchbox another month or so…hopefully they will give me a better experience! Love you and your videos!!! Feel better darlin!

  • @MonroeMakeup44 I miss you too! I’ve been flat on my back for almost a month and I hate it! I finally got these expensive patch things last week from my doc that sort of numb my whole back so I can walk again. I’m supposed to have two non invasive surgical procedures in July, but I’m on the wait list in case they get a cancellation. John’s taking us to a Kansas City next weekend and I had to get a wheelchair to be able to go! I’d skype you right now, but I can’t sign in! Mad!

  • @Superfreaky1RU Omg, free? Nice! I’m doing it right now! lol you simply cannot beat free!! thanks for all the info!

  • Also, there’s a box I’ve been checking out, also Canadian that has all kinds of stuff in it and it’s a bi monthly box. It’s mostly soap, bath, jewelry, and candle type products, a lot of it from small business owners from etsy and artfire plus a few larger names like Juice Beauty. But they halted their boxes because of the Canadian postal strike and they may not have a box until next month or later depending on how it goes. It happened the day before they went on sale! Grrrr!

  • You should check out NewBeauty TestTube. It’s an every 3 month thing and the cost is right around 40$ with shipping I was pretty pleased with March’s.

  • I agree with ur opinion of birchbox. i never got anything good, and i only got skincare stuff. i got sick of it and cancelled. im going to try eco emi.

  • @agirlneedsagun You’re welcome! And I agree about the free! I was practically jumping for joy when they private messaged me and asked me to sign up! Then they sent me a list of products I’m getting and I did another little happy dance! The box includes the complete skincare kit of Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford! I can not tell you how many times I’ve seen that infomercial and thought HMMMM….I wonder if it works! And now I get to try it for free!

  • @agirlneedsagun Only 1 page of choices? That doesn’t sound right, they usually have like 4 pages full of them. Weird! Sorry you have to wait so long for the Eco Emi, but it’s worth the wait! Aprils box was sold out when I signed up so I had to wait a month too. They shared a couple of products in the upcoming box and one of them is an organic deodorant that I’m excited to try! They start shipping this week so I’m waiting anxiously!

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